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benhoneycuttai9's Journal

Ben Honeycutt AI9
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ben honeycutt fans.

ben honeycutt, ai9.

ben honeycutt is a singer from fort oglethorpe, georgia, who auditioned for season 9 of american idol. while he was cut in the group rounds after jumbling the words to kansas's "carry on wayward son," his smooth voice and strong musicianship made him one of the season's early standouts. ben has a goal to release a song to itunes in march of 2010, and hopes to drop an EP by april. join this community to stay on top of his burgeoning career and meet with other ben honeycutt fans! just please don't call us honeycombs, or anything else equally lame. got it? awesome, thanks. oh, and the community name is liable to change -- keep an eye out for that!

you can keep track of ben on:
his official site (coming soon).

THE COMMUNITY: our one and only rule is RESPECT. respect others, and respect ben. racism/homophobia/blatant personal attacks will get you banned. any questions?
contact your mods: novelized [kaley] & voldemort [ashleigh]. but most of all, have fun!